Our team


Just Kama has been established in cooperation with our Swedish partners, who in 2017 turned to us with a desire to start selling kama in Sweden. Today there are companies in both countries – Just Kama OÜ and Just Kama AB

The founder of Just Kama AB is a successful entrepreneur, Ingvar Andersson from Malmö and he is working with marketing partner Nina Järpestam

The founders of Just Kama OÜ are Rene Kiis and Siiri Lehtmets – both enthusiasts of the food sector and long-term food industry management and entrepreneurship.

Kama was a reason what made us acquainted with one another.So there’s no need to look far for a reason why we are dealing with the renewal of this food and making it more exportable.

Kama is a well-forgotten ancient superfood in the Nordic countries. Since kama is flourishing in Estonia, it is natural that kama revival process is led from Estonia.

So we look forward to the future and we want to bring international recognition that this superfood of Estonia and the Nordic countries deserves.

    Just Kama OÜ

    Kissa, Mõra küla, Tartumaa,
    62117, Estonia

    +372 5112781