Oh beautiful day, oh beautiful Sunday

Pancakes on Sunday mornings or Sunday pancakes are traditional in many families. And if it’s not so in your family, why not start a new tradition now!

Pancake variations are in the cuisines of all nations. The pancake was originally a real cake without a pan. Just put dough on a hot stone and the cake is ready. And of course, also without eggs and dairy. From the time a pan was added, a real pancake was born.

In Estonian, and many other traditions, pancakes were always served on Shrove Tuesday and other cheerful days, especially those celebrating women.

Pancakes can be a healthy food if we put all the right ingredients in the dough – free range eggs, whole milk, wholemeal flour. Put some salt and a bit of sugar in the dough too, but not too much – the taste of the pancake must come through.


For 4 people


200 g whole wheat flour

2 teaspoons baking powder

50 – 60 g cane sugar

2-3 tablespoons kama

2 eggs

350 ml of milk

2 teaspoons of vanilla sugar

200 g ricotta

Mix ricotta, milk and vanilla sugar. Add eggs and sugar.

Finally, add the flour mixed with kama and baking powder.

Let the batter rest a little and bake delicious small pancakes.


Black Currant Cream:

125 g cream cheese

250 ml whipping cream

3-4 tbsp of honey

4 tablespoons berry kama


Mix all the ingredients together until the cream is fluffy foam. When serving, you can add a little liquid honey and decorate with the berries.

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