Berry kama

Why is Berry kama the new Nordic superfood?

Berry Kama is healthy by its composition and mode of consumption.
In wheat-free Berry Kama, we have a total biological nutritional value thanks to the coarsely ground whole grains and peas.

The most valuable is its fibre content, which is important for digestion, cardiac activity and cleansing toxins from the body. Kama is also a valuable plant protein, energy carbohydrate and B vitamins and minerals that promote cardiovascular activity, etc. There are 13.8 g of well-absorbed amino acids in the 100 g kama powder.

Berry Kama includes freeze-dried berries – up to 25%. Freeze-drying is the best way to keep the taste and benefits of the berries. Berry Kama is available in 5 different flavours: blueberry, raspberry, strawberry, sea buckthorn and blackcurrant.

The traditional way of consuming the Kama is to mix it with fermented milk products. Fermentation or acidification means that lactic acid bacteria convert milk sugar to lactic acid, which is very beneficial for our health.

For acidified dairy products, it is worth considering bio-additives made using acidophilic and bifidobacteria as they help to strengthen the gastrointestinal microflora.

Berry Kama is an excellent food for many different uses – pancakes, snacks, homemade ice cream, porridge, desserts, truffles and smoothies.








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